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Hi girls. How are you all. So today I am here with an interesting video on hiding tummy (shhh we all have that. Right 😉 ). So many of you complement me everyday for my body and ask me about the diet tips but the thing is I really feel so embarrassing after reading those comments because I am gaining weight from the last 4 years continuously  (thanks to my hectic schedule and lack of exercise). I have reached to a point where I don’t have much stamina left. I loose my breath even walking for 15 minutes or going to second floor through stairs. Yes I have decided to take care of myself and start a healthy lifestyle but today’s topic is not about this. The thing is that in all these years I have tried to hide my tummy in all possible ways to still look stylish. So today I will share with you all those tips for smart dressing even with a tummy. So here is a video on 5 dresses to hide tummy.

Dresses mentioned in this video are:

  1. Culottes
  2. Trench dress
  3. Long vests
  4. Oversized shirts
  5. High waist A line skirt
5 Dresses to hide tummy how to hide belly fat

Culottes to hide tummy


5 dresses to hide tummy

Long Vest to hide tummy


5 dresses to hide tummy

Long plaid shirts to hide tummy


5 dresses to hide tummy

High waist skirt to hide tummy


I know girls that hiding the tummy is not an excuse for not exercising. But it may be helpful to those who are struggling with weight issues due to pregnancy or disease or any other reason. But yes please make sure to have a healthy lifestyle as after all heath is wealth.

I have started exercising so many times in the form of gyming or walking or yoga but I don’t know why I am not able to continue anything. I hope I start again and succeed this time.

5 dresses to hide tummy

5 dresses to hide tummy

So girls this was all about 5 dresses to hide tummy. I hope you liked it. Do share your opinion in the comment section below. Bye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.

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