5 Tips for Street Shopping | Shopping Secrets

Hi girls. We all love shopping right 😀 And doing street shopping is like an icing on cake. But how many times it happens that we come home with stuff that we loved but it doesn’t fit us. So I thought of sharing my tips with all of you on how to do street shopping and getting awesome stuff at throw away prices. So here are my 5 Tips for Street Shopping and my shopping secrets video.


I love street shopping so much. I love all kinds of shopping ( I am sure you all do hehe :P:P ) from Malls to streets and I love to mix and match all the stuff to create my own style statement (You can check my earlier post on Sarojini Nagar haul ). I have learned through all these years that there are certain things that have to be kept in mind while doing street shopping otherwise you may return home with stuff that you may regret later.

Also I love to bargain but i was really bad at it initially and gradually I learned the art of bargaining (Thanks to my buas who have amazing bargaining skills and also my brother who taught me actually how to bargain in street market :P:P  Yeah I have some Bargaining art masters in my family :P:P). So I have also shared my bargaining skills in this video. I hope it will be helpful to all of you.

5 tips for street shopping in India

5 tips for street shopping

So girls this was all about 5 Tips for Street Shopping and my shopping secrets. I hope you liked it. Let me know your opinion on this. Also share with me your stories of street shopping and what is your favourite street market. Meet you next on another interesting post. Bye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.


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