7 Incredible Ways to Style a Head Scarf

Guest Post: Scarves are quite the fashion accessory. And there is just so much that you can do with one. Have you tried these ways to style your head scarf?

Head Scarf

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A scarf is one of them most versatile fashion accessories a girl can have. And she can never have enough. Scarves come in multiple colours, with a mindboggling variety of designs and patterns, in many materials and in sizes to suit all fashion needs.


But the smooth garment more often than not gets casually tossed around the neck or used as a head scarf. Surely head scarf tying can be more stylish than that. Do you know there are a million different ways in which you can fashion this piece of clothing? Go retro if you want or chic for a night out with the girls or something else entirely. Here are our favourite seven head scarf styles, for hair that is long or short.


#1 The quintessential forehead scarf

This is perhaps the simplest way to style a long hair scarf.

-Fold the scarf lengthwise until it is about 3-4 inches wide.

-Now wrap it around your forehead.

-Tie the ends of the scarf at the back of your head.

-Bring the ends forward from both sides to soften the look.

-Pair with long earrings and you are ready.


#2 The heading-out head scarf

Heading out on the weekend and want to drive with the windows open, but don’t want to mess you hair? This is the style that works.

-Pick the largest scarf that you have.

-Wrap it around your forehead.

-Tie the ends of the scarf behind your head, closer to your nape.

-Make a bow to look chic and not like a pirate.


#3 A not-so-basic scarf style

Add an element of quirkiness to a basic head scarf style.

-Pull a long scarf through a transparent elastic band, keeping the band in the middle of the scarf.

-Open up the scarf and bind it around your head, along the hairline.

-Tie the ends at the back.

-To add a little oomph to the look, drape one end of the scarf on your shoulder.


Discover more hairstyles using hair accessories with this amazing video tutorial by Reward Me.


#4 A classy head wrap

This is a style that looks stunning on short hair. Turn a hair style into a scarf style with this classy look.

-Start with a long scarf and fold it lengthwise.

-Wrap the scarf around your head covering all your hair.

-Tuck in the loose end or use a pin to fasten it discreetly.


#5 A cute head tie

This sassy look requires a little guts. Can you carry it off?

-Take your favourite scarf and fold it in half (lengthwise if it is long).

-Starting with the back of your head, wrap it up and tie the ends on top.

-Make a sassy bow and move it so the bow sits above your ear.


#6 A scarf with a twist

This is one of the best scarf wrapping styles for really, really long scarves. And it also brings out a bit of the Bohemian in you.

-Fold a long scarf lengthwise.

-Place the fabric on the back of your head and bring the ends to the front of your head.

-Tie a knot near the hairline.

-Now twist the scarf ends and take them to the back of your head and tie a double knot.


#7 Vintage wrap

Bring back the romance of the retro look with this vintage wrap.

-Make a triangle by folding a large scarf in half diagonally.

-Place the largest side on the top of your head.

-Bring the two ends of the scarf forward and cross them lightly in front.

-Pull the ends back on opposite sides and tie them in a loose knot.


The scarf is a lifesaver on days when your hair isn’t cooperating or you’re too late for a hair wash. We recommend you wash your hair regularly with Pantene Pro V Long Black Shampoo to avoid those days. But when they do happen, try these scarf styles.


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