BBlunt clip on fringe extensions review and photos

Hi girls. Today I am so happy to write this post because my one dream has finally come true after so many years. You know it’s a human tendency to crave for something which you don’t have. Like curly people want straight hair, Straight hair girls want curly hair and wavy hair girls complain that why on the earth have they got wavy hair which can’t be styled easily and effortlessly. Well I am also one of those people (Grin).
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
Me on left with my natural hair and on right with clip on fringes
I always wanted Bangs but I have wavy hair so my hairstylist would say that hey you can’t have fringes because then you will have to straighten your bangs daily. I couldn’t do that as I didn’t want to burn my hair with heat every day. I was totally disheartened as I really wanted fringed hairstyle. I would get sad whenever I would see Hollywood movies with actresses sporting that chic fringed hairstyle. Buy hey there are so many genius people in the beauty world and I got super excited when for the first time I watched a video of  clip on bangs. I was so happy that finally I can have bangs whenever I want. I tried to search online but to my disappointed I couldn’t find any Indian brand who sells the clip on bangs.
Few days back I was checking my Instagram account when I saw Adhuna Akhtar from BBlunt talking about this new series of hair extensions that BBlunt was launching. I was finally sooo happy that fringe extensions were available online from a trusted big Indian brand. I ordered immediately from Nykaa and received my courier last week and hey here’s how I found the product.
Price: INR 2000 MRP (1700 on Nykaa plus Nykaa app discount)
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions
The BBlunt fringe clip on extensions comes in a packaging of a solid plastic. I found the box to be slightly small. I wish the packaging was a bit better so that the product can be kept safely for future use. Anyhow the extensions have voluminous bangs with some hair piece at sides. It comes in three colors- Light brown, Natural brown and Dark brown. I chose Natural brown and it came out quite close to my dark brown hair. The Extensions have clips which you have to press in after making a middle parting of your hair. Then you have to press again to secure in place.
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
This is how BBlunt clip on fringe extensions looks
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
These are the instructions for using BBlunt clip on fringe extensions
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
Me with BBlunt clip on fringe extensions

Now coming to my review about the performance, the only issue I found out which I think is a very minor issue is that I wish BBlunt had launched bangs of different volumes. I would have preferred slightly less voluminous bangs but nonetheless I want to say that I just loved this product. It gave me exactly the look which I wanted and I can have Bangs whenever I want without being committed to the same hairstyle. Yippie I finally have bangs J.
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
My final look with BBlunt clip on fringe extensions. Front and side view
BBlunt clip on fringe extensions India
Look how the extensions have blended with the natural hair
Please not that this is not a sponsored post. I have bought this product with my hard earned money and the opinion is totally mine and honest.


So girls If you also  wished for a fringed hairstyle but have hair texture problems like me then go for clip on bangs  from BBlunt or any brand that you find great. Be experimental , try different hairstyles and have fun with your hair. Please also share if you know about any other sources of good clip on hair extensions. I would totally love to know that. BBye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.


    • Thanx Swathi. Yeah it looks really natural and the color is quite close to my natural hair color so it blended easily 🙂

  1. As much as I do love bangs, I would never let my hairdresser cut my hair that way, because I am afraid of this woman whom I call mother who'd definitely kill me if I get them.
    These bangs are a good choice, but I feel that the (kind of) look fake, I mean, if you look closely, you can tell the difference…what do you think?

    Life, love and everything else

    • Absolutely Right Rachna. That's why I have concluded above that I would have preferred a less voluminous bangs as they would have looked more natural. But still I love these. These are so much fun and I can have bangs whenever I want without any commitment to a risky haircut 🙂

    • Thanx Rajshree. You can surely pull it off too. Try it. It's so much fun 🙂 The red lippie is Mac Ruby woo 🙂

    • Thanx Kelly. BBlunt is an Indian hair products brand. They also have chains of salons 🙂

  2. I'm the same way you are! I've wanted bangs ever since I was young, but because my hair naturally goes straight back (plus two really inconvenient cowlicks) it's just not possible for me naturally. I have clip on bangs now, but since I've gone blonde they don't match haha. Still, I love having the option for them and I'm glad you like them as well 🙂

    Sam |

    • Thanx So much Samantha for sharing your thoughts. Only we can unnderstand the happiness of having bangs when we can't have it naturally 🙂 But that's what the Beauty world geniuses are for 😛

  3. omg you look super cute with bangs..and i love the fact that this extension has some hair at all direction which is what imparts a more natural look to the hair style 😀 definitely worth spending on

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