Forever 21 makeup sponge review

Hi Girls. Today I am going to review Forever 21 makeup sponge which I showed you guys in my October shopping haul. I got it from Malaysia last year and I am using it regularly since then in my makeup.

Forever 21 makeup sponge review

Forever 21 makeup sponge


I was in love with the concept of a beauty blender the moment I saw it in some videos. For beginners who don’t have any idea what a beauty bender is, Basically It is a makeup sponge whose different parts can be used for different purposes in make up like foundation setting, concealer setting, contouring etc. The original beauty blender is very expensive (around 3300 INR I guess). So when I spotted this forever 21 make up sponge at a Malaysian mall for just INR 225 I instantly bought it as I first wanted to try cheaper alternatives just to get to know how a makeup sponge works for me.

Price: INR225


Forever 21 makeup sponge review India

Forever 21 makeup sponge when damp


So coming back to this Forever 21 makeup sponge review, I really like how this creates a seamless finish for me. I don’t apply it dry. When I run it under water and squeeze, it becomes bigger in size. The best part what I like about it is that it creates a seamless foundation finish. The pointed part can be used for concealing below eyes. I use the side part for bronzer blending. So, basically it’s an all in one replacement for brushes for me. Below is the picture in the left without foundation and at the right where I have applied foundation with Forever 21 makeup sponge. See how the base looks well blended. It makes the foundation look like second skin without looking cakey.


Forever 21 makeup sponge review India

Left- Before foundation, Right- After foundation application with Forever 21 makeup sponge


People who have used beauty blender say that Forever 21 makeup sponge is very hard but it works fine for me as I have not used beauty blender so I can’t say anything about it. I wonder if this works so well for me then how will be the actual beauty blender. That is on my wish list now. Another good budget make up sponge is the real techniques one.

Rating 3.5/5

So girls, If you are a beginner and looking for a budget make up sponge then you should go for Forever 21 makeup sponge and once you get habitual then you can go for expensive ones.





  1. Its so different from regular brush concept…m amazed to see the effects…worth buying…

    • Thanx Ramya. I also didn’t know about this until I spotted this at forever 21 store 🙂

  2. I love using makeup sponges. It gives a flawless finish especially when you use it damp

    • Thanx Neha. How was your experience with F21 makeup sponge?

    • This is the best budget sponge you can find working fairly well. Ofcourse the high ends must be much better 🙂

    • Yeah Deevya. I also love the seamless finish that make up sponges give 🙂

  3. I have 2 of these from claires (they are a little hard), 1 unbranded sponge, 2 beauty blenders, 1 chichi sponge and 1 RT sponge. Quite a collection I know! But I still want to try this! 😛 I love blending sponges! They really make blending such a breeze! Great post and pictures! ♡

    • Wow Emmy. You lucky Girl !! You have quite a collection. So which one you find best ?

    • Thanx Himanshi. I haven’t used beauty blender yet but this works well for me right now 🙂

    • Thanx Carol. I have also read good reviews about RT makeup sponge. On my wishlist now 🙂

  4. This is very much popular in blogosphere these days, if one wants to experience something like beauty blender without shelling out the actual price, this can definitely be considered. You look lovely.

  5. Hey I have used the original BB & you are right, it is worth investing in 🙂 I tried a couple of F21 sponges and each was pretty different, one of them is not hard to squeeze and that’s a close dupe of the BB..
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    • Oh the initial one was very hard? May be they have improved the quality.

  6. I have similar sponge (blender) and I am quite happy with that small beauty blender.
    If you want follow me on my blog and I will follow you back 🙂

  7. It seems a great product to try out 🙂 I never tried any makeup sponges,thinking of trying now 😉

  8. I feel most of the sponges in the market do a good job! Currently loving the real technique one!

  9. Nice review…and its cost effective too! I had heard so much about beauty blenders, that i finally picked up one from sephora in Sydney (it costed me INR1200) but its totally worth it…I can’t even blend my corrector anymore without it! its totally a game changer for me..

    • yeah blenders are too awesome. I am loving it too 🙂

  10. I have been reading many good reviews about this sponge. Bought RT one few days back, will try this one next time : )

    • yeah keeping a cheap blender handy is a great idea 🙂

  11. Have you tried the Beauty Junkees knock offs? They re actually my favorite. Love knowing that your original Beauty Blender lasts 2 years!

    • Hi dear. yes you are right there are so many fakes available. You can buy it from Cultbeauty website.

  12. great review 😀 since I am a beginner I shall definitely try this one as I am sure it fits the budget too :DC

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