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Hi girls. I am feeling so tired these days because of overloaded professional and personal work that I thought of penning down my thoughts today in this post just to release my stress as you all are a part of my family now. How often we women get our self time. Time which is entirely ours. Constantly juggling between kids, family and job, how often is that we sit with a cup of coffee just staring at the moon or listening to our favourite music or doing things that really used to make us happy. This is  the irony of the modern life.

Modern Life philosophy

The modern life- Random thoughts

I remember I used to play guitar everyday in the evening singing my favourite songs and it used to give me so much happiness. Life changes and we are supposed to behave like matured people and maturity means no idiotic jokes, no silly activities, always planning about future and financial security. I have spent 30 years of my life on this planet earth and I am still not able to accept that I should focus only on financial securities and materialistic things rather than doing something which is not productive in the eyes of society. I am not ready to believe that living life and feeling alive is secondary. At the last moment of life nobody will remember how much he earned, or how many medals he won but we all will cherish only the moments spent with our family and friends which made us feel alive.

Sometimes I feel like life in metros makes people more robotic. I feel like shifting to hills and doing nothing but enjoying Mother Nature. I don’t know how practical I am in life but I am definitely not ready to become a robot if being practical means that. The creative soul inside me always resists it. I think in the race of money and securities we have somehow forgotten how to live. Our parents made us far more happier with their limited income and all we have to offer our kids are ipads and iphones and no time. I will definitely not let that happen come whatever it may.

I always try to make my life interesting by doing things that I love to do apart from my profession. If you all also feel like lack of liveliness in your life then please spend some time doing things that you love. Believe me you will see a huge difference in your life. Its ok to give out all to our family but you should give that little time to yourself too. We can make our family happy only when we are happy inside.

Just shared my random thoughts here. Let me know how you feel about the modern life and the lack of “life” in it. Let’s have a heart to heart conversation here.



  1. This is so true! To add on to this, being qualifying and educated brings along a burden of working, even if we can sustain in less, people would say “itna padd kar ghar par baithe ho”. If my mother would not have sat at home, my entire family would not have been able to do what they have done today. I have left my job as of now, I might join it again, Yes I’m qualified and do not mind sitting at home and talking with my family and in-laws.
    Truly touching Megha!
    Thanks for bringing this up!

  2. You know Megha you are my soul sister! This post just touched me so much.Keep inspiring us darling. Now can we hear you and your guitar soon in a video?

    • Hehe same here. We connect spiritually I gues 😀 😀 Yeah sure. Will upload sometime 😀

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