Stunning silver jewellery shopping at Chandni Chowk

Hi girls. How are you all? Really sorry for no post last week. Actually I was super busy at work. So how was your Valentine’s day? This year I have received lots of love from my readers which has made this Valentine’s Day more special for me. Thank you so much for your love and motivation. Missing a week’s post made me realize how much I love writing. I really missed you all. So getting back to what we love most. Shopping !!!! Yeaaahhhh. LOL. Today’s post is about Chandni Chowk and I will tell you how awesome it is for shopping if you have never been there.

I am sure most of you must have heard about Chandni chowk. I love street shopping and living in NCR without shopping in Chandni chowk is a crime. It has beautiful bridal stuff at such cheap prices that you just can’t believe. But I personally love it for real silver jewellery shopping. Yes there’s a lane in Chandni chowk fully dedicated to real silver pieces. The lane is called Dariba kalan.

Chandni Chowk

The amazing silver pieces at Dariba Kalan Chandni Chowk


When you are coming from Red Fort towards Chandni chowk , on the left side after crossing gurudwara there is a blue board for Dariba Kalan (There is a very famous Jalebi wala at the corner). Take left from there and here Dariba kalan lane starts. The main silver jewellery shops are at the right side.

Silver Jewllery

 Dariba Kalan Lane

I can’t explain you how awesome Dariba kalan is! Have you seen the beautiful antique silver jewellery from Amrapali jewellers and others? It is kind of that and it’s so stunning. I have taken the below picture for you guys so that you can see the type of jewellery that this market offers.


Silver Jhumkis

 Beautiful Silver jhumkis in different designs


I am a big fan of jhumkis and I like the real big ones. Big silver jhumkis here start with around 3500 INR. It’s real silver. I have bought these small jhumkis and the big ring from there. These jhumkis are the small one and they costed me 2200INR and this ring is for 2500INR.

Silver jewellery

 Left- Jhumkis and Right Silver ring

There are 4-5 shops at the right where you can find tons of pieces from jhumkis to rings to big pendants to chandbalis (oh I can’t explain how mesmerizing is the scene when they take out a big packet of stunning jhumkis and balis. I wish I had the money to buy it all. LOL). From my personal experience I will recommend you guys shop no.1730 (Anil K.Seth & Sons). I always find unique pieces in this shop and both of my ring and jhumkis I have bought are from there only. The shopkeeper is super polite and he will show you all the pieces with lots of interest. There are also other shops but I like this one the most.


Silver Jewellery

 Silver Bangles


If you go straight at the end of Dariba, there’s a lane at the right which is called Kinari Bazaar. Now this lane is amazing for artificial jewellery, laces and marriage stuff. The laces are so beautiful. Look at the picture below.

Kinari Bazar

 Kinari BazarLane


Kinari Bazar

Laces at Kinari Bazar


Artificial Jewellery at Kinari Bazar

Left-Artificial Jewellery at Kinari Bazar, Right- Beautiful Mangtikas for just INR 200 !!

There are so many shops with huge collection of variety of laces. The boutiques give laces at so high prices and when you go to Kinari Bazaar you can get same lace at such a cheap price. That’s what I love about street markets of Delhi. There’s so much variety and quality in the street markets like Sarojini Nagar and Chandni Chowk that you will instantly fall in love with these.


Kinari Bazar

All the marriage rituals items at Kinari Bazar


So guys this was all about my shopping areas in Chandni Chowk. Whenever you come to Delhi, I highly recommend you visiting Chandni Chowk for its uniqueness and variety (And for my favourite Silver jewellery). Also do share with me what you wore on the V day and any unique info that you can give to me about Chandni chawk. I would love to hear from you guys. Muah. BBye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.


    • Thanx Meron. You should definitely come to India for amazing jewellery 🙂

  1. Hey perkymegs
    I have been to chandni chowk but never visited dariba kalan..that is one place i am going to explore now..thanks to u my maang tikka problem is now resolved as well. Will share pics with you soon.

    • Thanx Komal. I am glad that I solved your problem. Do share pics with me. I would love it 🙂

    • Aww. Don’t worry. Do visit chandni chowk when you visit Delhi next time 🙂

  2. yes …i have tried kinari bazaar & dariba kalan lane….superb shopping destination …m a great fan of these two places…..& not to forgot the famous paranthe wali gali in chandani chowk…for its stunning paranthas….
    great review…

    • Yeah the parathe wali gali is awesome too. Would love if you share a post on that 🙂

    • Thanx Khushi. I am a jewellery addict so thought of sharing with you guys my shopping places 🙂 Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Hey! Which camera did you use for the photography ? Lovely post btw !

    • Hey I used My mobile for the photos as carrying DSLR in the market is not comfortable 🙂

  4. I never had the guts to enter the Chandini Chowk and purchase anything there. The streets are so crowded but your jewellery pieces are luring me to excavate that place.

    • Lol. I will give you few tips Ankita. Reach there at 11 am. Its very less crowdy at that time and leave by 2 🙂

  5. Silver jhumkis look so beautiful! I’ve been there once and it’s way crowded and a never ending line of jewelry shops. You get a lot of variety there 🙂

    • Lol. i totally agree Anu. You should definitely check this market. You will be mesmerized 🙂

    • Woww that’s great. Then you must totally understand my feelings 😛

  6. I am from Mumbai but in lov wid Delhi… I have picked up so many silver pieces from these stores at Dariba kalan…Can’t wait to fly and buy some more super soon…

  7. This is the best blog I have ever come across Megha. I am coming to Delhi in August and was looking for places to buy silver jewelry and came across your blog. Great stuff!! I wanted to dig some more info regarding shopping in Dariba. Are the prices fixed or we need to use our bargaining skills? Specially in the shop Anil K.Seth & Sons you mentioned in your blog?

    • Thanks Ankita. I am glad you liked Perkymegs. Always try to bargain but these shopkeepers don’t give much discounts and this particular shop Anik K.seth does not give any discount at all. The price is fixed there. I tried a lot but he did not gave me a penny discount. hehe. But the silver designs in Dariba are amazing. You will never get such amazing silver designs anywhere and prices are much cheaper than the online websites 😀 Hope this was helpful.

  8. Hi
    What is the best place for Bridal Jewellery Shopping? (Necklaces, Mang tika, earlings, nath etc.)

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