Stunning silver jewellery shopping at Chandni Chowk

Dariba Kalan Chandni Chowk

Hi girls. How are you all? Really sorry for no post last week. Actually I was super busy at work. So how was your Valentine’s day? This year I have received lots of love from my readers which has made… Continue Reading

Ethnic wear : 4 ways to style plain black kurta

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My November Jewellery Shopping haul

Hi girls. How was your christmas! Mine was superfun with family. Its holiday time and i am loviiingg it. Anyhow you know how much I love shopping. Last month I went to Jaipur and did some artificial jewellery shopping. I just love… Continue Reading

My october shopping haul

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Statement jewellery

Hi girls. So today’s topic is statement jewellery. Lately I have been really fond of statement neckpieces and earrings. It makes any outfit chic instantly. It gives you an extra edge which we always look for (I know I know …we don’t like… Continue Reading