Clean Closet And Make Money Using Ethnic Thread | Perkymegs

Clean Closet And Make Money Using Ethnic Thread

Hi girls. We all love our clothes right? But sometimes some clothes are used so less (mostly party wear) but neither we can not repeat them (We don’t like to repeat right 😉 ) nor we can throw them as… Continue Reading

How to Fix Dry Gel Eyeliner | Revive Your Gel Eyeliner | Perkymegs

how to fix dry gel eyeliner India

Hi girls. So how many of you are a fan of gel liner like me? I just love gel liners as they are highly pigmented, long lasting and waterproof. I love them for parties and weddings. But the only problem… Continue Reading

Sarojini nagar Shopping Vlog | Summer shopping| Perkymegs

Sarojini nagar Shopping Vlog

Hi girls. You all know how much I love street shopping. My most favourite street market in delhi for fashionable clothes is Sarojini nagar. It is an amazing market where one can get the latest trendy clothes at throw away… Continue Reading

5 dresses to hide tummy | How to cover belly fat | Perkymegs

5 dresses to hide tummy

Hi girls. How are you all. So today I am here with an interesting video on hiding tummy (shhh we all have that. Right 😉 ). So many of you complement me everyday for my body and ask me about… Continue Reading

4 Essential Makeup Brushes or Tools for Beginners | Perkymegs

4 essential makeup brushes or tools for beginners

Hi girls. How are you all. So many of you requested me to do more beginner series videos so today I am here with another beginner video. As a makeup beginner we are always confused about what to buy what not… Continue Reading

Amazing way to store clothes & save space using Bonita Storage bags | Perkymegs

Amazing way to store clothes & save space Bonita Storage bags Perkymegs

Hi girls winter is gone and we all need space in our wardrobe for winter clothes. So here is a video on really amazing way to store your clothes using Bonita Vacuum storage bags. What I loved about this product… Continue Reading

How to mix and match Indian Ethnic Wear Outfits | Indian Fashion Basics | Perkymegs

How to Mix and Match Indian Ethnic Wear Outfits

Hi girls. A lot of you always ask me how I mix and match clothes to create different looks using my existing wardrobe. Basically there are certain rules which I always follow while mixing and matching clothes. So I decided… Continue Reading