Trendy Clutch bags for different occasions

Hi girls. How are you all. I am eating endlessly in this winter season and Mr. Husband is tired of scolding me to get up and exercise. All I say to him is “I am tired today please let me sleep. I will work out from tomorrow. I was exhausted at work yesterday”. Sigh. I need to work out now in place of giving excuses. Anyways no depressing talk anymore here (Yeah yeah I will work out and manage this issue. No probs. hehe). So, today I thought of writing a post about clutch bags as they are an integral part of formal look at parties and functions.
Clutch bags india
Different type of clutch bags
Different types of clutch bags are popular these days from Potli to Box to Capsule to Classic clutches. I will discuss all one my one.
Potli Clutch bag: These are very popular with sarees and lehengas. It looks so elegant and classy. Vidya Balan Sports these with Kanjivaram sarees all the time. I have this beautiful potli bag that I bought from CTC Mall, Motinagar. It is light gold in color with beautiful pearl work. CTC has such an amazing collection of these. I always carry this during marriage functions and people always complement me for this.
Potli bag India
Gold and pearl Potli bag
Potli bag india
Potli bag with pearl details
Box Clutch: Box clutches are very popular. These are very versatile and can be used with ethnic as well as western wear. I have this box clutch from Lavie. It has these beautiful and very subtle silver shimmers with slight hint of gold in between. I just loved it the moment I saw it. It can be used with or without chain. I would advise everyone to have atleast one bronze, one gold and one silver clutch in the collection. These will go with every outfit.
Box Clutch bag india
Box Clutch bag
Box Clutch bag india
Silver and bronze Box Clutch with chain inside
Box Clutch bag india
Box Clutch bag
Capsule Clutch: Capsule clutches were very popular among celebrities last year. From Shilpa Shetty to Twinkle Khanna, all were seen sporting these at different events. When I was getting married I bought this  gorgeous and unique black rose capsule clutch from Shoppers stop. It was from Haute curry. It is so ideal to pair up with western wears like evening gowns. So unique and gorgeous. I just love it.
Capsule Clutch bag india
Black Rose Capsule Clutch
Capsule Clutch bag india
Black Rose Capsule Clutch India
Envelope clutch: These are very popular these days. They are in the shape of an envelope and are big in size. These look so chic with jeans and casual suits. I have this beautiful Multi colored yellow pink envelope Clutch bag from Haute Curry which I got as a wedding gift from my best friend. It is solid pink from back and floral yellow from front. It is so chic and unique. I use it quite frequently with casual as well as formal events.
Envelope Clutch bag india
Floral Envelope Clutch
Envelope Clutch bag india
This is how the Envelope clutch looks from inside and at the back
Silk Clutch: The clutches are made of silk fabric and are rectangular in shape. These look beautiful with sarees and suits. Fab India has huge collection of these. I have this super pretty Blue and red clutch bag from Fab India. The base is solid blue in color and made up of raw silk fabric. The top is red silk with gold. It looks super elegant and classy.
Silk Clutch bag india
Silk Clutch Bag
Silk Clutch bag india
This is how the silk clutch looks
Classic Clutch: Classic clutches are evergreen . They can be used with almost every outfit. I have this classic black clutch from Baggit which goes with my casual as well as formal wears and is so spacious and versatile.
Clutch bag india
The Classic clutch

Clutch bag india

This is how the classic clutch looks
So girls this was all about clutch bags. I am sure you all must have some of these in your collection as these are party essentials. Go and grab chic and unique clutch bags as they add an extra edge to the whole look. Gone are the days when clutches were used to keep keys and money. Now they are a part of style statement so flaunt your unique style and be chic and stylish. BBye for now. Feel beautiful be stylish.



    • Thanks swathi. Oh potlis are the one that i frequently carry..Try Box and capsules ones.You will surely like them 🙂

  1. These are all so pretty!! Great choices! I definitely need some more clutches in my life! They are perfect for going out! I think my favorite is the black rose one! It's so cute!

    Shannon Sage

  2. Usually I don't use clutches because I feel like they're very formal and I don't need them, but I love the Black Rose capsule clutch you have! It's so cute and classy at the same time 🙂

    Sam |

  3. This is such a brilliant post! With so many different styles of clutches out there, it can be hard to choose which one to wear for a specific event or occasion or which one will match with the perfect dress we just got! Thanks so much for sharing; I loved all of your bags 🙂 I hope you're having a great day so far!



  4. What a beautiful selection the black roses evening purse, a timeless piece
    thanks for visiting me, love to stay in touch!

  5. I have a good collection of clutches in my wardrobe but I just realised… it still doesn't have a potli…a floral clutch and a silk clutch… on my mind now!

  6. Hey I’ve checked the collection and found it really attractive, I’ve also got great collection of clutch bags at 6thstreet.

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