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Hi everyone. How are you all. It has been so long since I posted here and I am really sorry for it. I got really busy making videos on my youtube channel Perkymegs and it takes hell lot of time, energy and creativity but I am not complaining as it is something which gives me the utmost happiness in the world. So today I thought of writing a personal blog post on why passion is really important in life and why you should follow it.

So few years ago I was really lost. I left my home for job and was all alone in a new city. Initially everything looked great and I made amazing friends. We used to hang out a lot, watch movies, explore the city every weekend and I enjoyed this new phase of life a lot. But with time all friends went to different places, some went to study abroad while some switched the company and slowly I started feeling bored & numb.

I was never an engineering kind of person although I was always among the top students in my class throughout my academic career. But what I really loved was the creative side of me singing, dancing, making sketches & doing skits. But I never thought of it as a career because in our society only Doctors & Engineers are considered worthy and so I joined the wagon thinking of it as the safe way to progress in life being from a simple middle class family.

But how many days can you survive in something when your heart is not into it. So slowly I started feeling a void in my heart waking up, going to office, coming back  and hating the thought that you have to wake up next morning doing the same thing. I discussed with my family, my friends about why I feel this way and the same answer I got from everyone was that this is how life is. They also felt the same way but they had accepted it.

I was not ready to accept the advice because I believed in fairy tale stories and dreams. I had full faith that this was not the life I wanted for myself. I wanted to feel good everyday I wake up. So one fine day I decided that enough of this robotic life and feeling numb each day. I went to do a meditation course called Vipassana to give a break to my mind and it certainly gave me a clarity.

So when I came back I decided that I have to do something apart from my job & home that would make me happy and it is then that I started my fashion & beauty blog Perkymegs in January 2015. I suddenly found out a new kind of life. A life where I was so excited about each day coming back from work and writing about fashion & beauty. I felt like I had so much to tell to the world and I wrote so many blog posts one after the another.

Suddenly I felt shortage of time, my energy was like a 4 year old. I worked on my blog, my instagram and my youtube channel all at the same time alongwith a 9 to 5 job. I never ever experienced such kind of enthusiasm and energy since childhood. And this is how my life changed. Meanwhile people kept demotivating & judging like “O you are wasting your time” or “why are you doing something which is not paying you” or “plan a baby”. I totally ignored these people because they certainly don’t know what passion & happiness is so their advice was totally useless for me.

Today I have 100k youtube family, I wake up each day happy & content and I could not have done this had I listened to the world that life is  supposed to be robotic and boring. I stopped, gave it a thought and followed my passion. I came out from that deep void & depression that I went through and hence I encourage each one of you out there to follow your passion.

You can never imagine what magic passion creates in your life. You will look forward to each day you are going to have. Break the norms of society & follow your heart. People can tell you only things that they experienced in their lives.  Take control of your own life and make your own experiences. I am on my path of happiness and I wish you all the best for yours. Don’t worry spread your wings and fly because we have no boundaries. Believe in it and you will experience it.

Lots of Love




  1. I totally agree. Passion is life.
    I have the same story.
    I am into a full time job, but live my world of beauty and blogging.
    I will keep doing it just for my happiness. Not for popularity or fame.
    N in the way, if I get fame n popularity it will be a plus.

  2. The most important thing is to stick by it.
    Not to give up.
    That’s what is crucial n tricky.

    Ur hard work and dedication is truly inspiring.
    U have a long way to go. This is just the beginning. May u reach greater heights.
    Congrats for 100k on YouTube.

  3. Wow Megha you are just like me..I see a lot of me in you..I relate to me whatever you said..though I live with my husband in the US away from India experiencing different lifestyle n all that stuff I feel bored and depressed working a 9 to 5 job everyday without knowing where all this will end ..but it is our choice to follow our heart and make our life the best ..so now I am also planning to do videos of my passion like baking ,sewing,singing ,clothing tips for which I am not expecting it to be pay thing..it’s all sharing the joy and being yourself that matters!!:)

    • Thanks Lakshmi. You should totally do it. The boredom and depression will go away once you will start doing something that you absolutely love & enjoy. I love doing videos even when I am sick. I don’t think I can do anything else in that state and that tells me that this is really my passion 🙂 Keep following yours and happiness will follow 🙂

  4. Plan a baby!!!
    Di r u married??
    Oh god, then in this case, your story is double inspiring….
    Ofc, Home, Vlogging itna sab kuch…wonderful..keep up the good work, 100k members and counting😇
    Love u😘

  5. Hye megha…
    This seems as if ur are writing and i am speaking… i wrote in ur instagram but somehow it got deleted after writing so much atleast 5 para….. then thought of quiting not to write again… but i really wanted to share my thoughts to u… so writing here….
    This what wrote is sooooo much touchy…. nd couldnt resist to write again all those para…
    U knw even i am working in a bank and have 9 to 8 job… m earning quit well but somewhere not satisfied… i think dissatisfation means coming to home and think again to go office with bad mood and not enjoying ur work…
    Have recently started my own you channel… though m not comfortable with camera then to i feel sooooo much happy when i upload not so perfect video… it is so satisfying when u see even 100 views…. its being a month since i started and a month that i am enjoying…
    Evey saturday night end up editing video and sunday filming video… but this stress feels so good…
    You know my dad is not speaking with me because i have shown him one of my videos… i think he didnt like what i am doing… but i will not stop i cant tolerate frustation now anymore… mt dad is working in govt and have very reputed job… for him this is all waste of time… i want to prove him that following passion is not waste of time.. It helps you to grow your mind… build ur personality….
    There is a lot of demotivation from so many so many people but i am not gonna stop…
    Atleast somewhere youtube channel is giving me happiness…
    Loved ur story keep going… may u see success in yr life… i know how hard it is to build career or place in totally a different field which is not accepted by soceity… parents feel so much pround saying…’meri beti doctor hai… meri beti engineer hai….and banker hai…’ but no one knows ki career ke alwa jo human being bhi hai… i hipe we can change the mentality of this society…
    All the best megha…keep doing whatever you are doing…👍👍👍👍

    • I can completely feel you pooja but believe me nobody can understand you like you do. Family can love you but only you know what gives you happiness. Indian society has its own rules and those who do not fit in those are not worthy in their eyes so just don’t think about it. Parents are also a part of society and that’s why they sometimes don’t understand. Keep working on your channel and never make it a point of stress because your passion should always give you happiness. Even today I keep on getting questions by people that why I am doing this and what is the “fayda”. I can’t tell them that money is not always the key to happiness and some things we have to do for our happiness. But they don’t matter to me so I always stay away from the negative people. Believe me everyone will start praising you the day you get featured on a new paper or magazine or tv. Till then its your journey that you have to do it on your own. All the best. With lots of love- Megha :*

  6. hi…
    Please continue doing this…
    And u have done all kinds of wedding series… I would like to suggest you to please do pre-wedding ceremony lookbook video or blog or something……..
    Its my wedding in May and i dont want to wear sarees and anarkalis … want to wear something which will leave people in awe..

  7. Hey Megha, Congrats for ur achievement. I am ur regular follower on each of ur platform, because ur vedios are very helpful and simple which every one of us can follow easily. I totally agree with ur point of view of avoiding negativity and nurture our own creativity. You are an inspiration. Lots of best wishes.

  8. Good for you for learning that there is much more to the world than just blindly following what your society expects of you. I’m sure there are many young ladies out there who feel the same, and now they can see that they are not the only ones who do. I hope many get to read this, it’s very much worth it. You can tell in your videos how much you enjoy what you are doing, I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve watched. Look forward to more.

  9. Loved your blog Megha, truely inspiring. I also have a YouTube channel Anshu Dhawan and wish to reach greater heights. Will definitely try and follow my dreams.

  10. Arey, mujhy aaj pata laga ki aap married hain 😍😍 👌👌
    Jab apne dil ki baat sun kar koi kaam karo to uski khushi alag hoti hai, accha kiya ki apne wahi kiya 👍👍
    Videos itna nahi dekh paati per aapka dressing sense hamesha mujhy pasand aata hai, aapko dekh kar bitiya ko bhi yehi tips deti hu 😄😄

  11. First of all congrats girl, you are doing a great job and I really like your vids. On some points I can totally relate to you, I also started my blog in 2015 and initially people think that I am just wasting my time and efforts. But now people know me by my blog somewhere it indicates that everything is going on the right track. It always feels good if you are following your passion and get the appreciation for it.

  12. Very beautifully written and very relatable! I dislike hearing that my passion is not even a job! I went through my share of downs too but here I am, still wanting to blog and do what I love! I get busy with my life and work but you know what? I cannot do without! It’s where my passion is and it is what brought me closer to my happiness!

  13. It’s very true , people randomly give advices based on their life, with no thought over it. But Megha,the one factor which helped you reach this height is your sheer perseverance over your passion! Some loose it in midway.! Congrats on reaching 100k subscribers in utube

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